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Efficient underwater location normally requires the use of sonar, even with sonar visualising the water column or sea bed is difficult and time consuming.

SonarBell® is a totally passive, cost effective sonar reflector which works in conjunction with sonar to provide a clear echo return capable of guiding you to the required target.

As a passive device SonarBell® delivers an economically viable asset marking solution for applications where alternative technologies such as active transponders have previously been considered too expensive to justify i.e. transponders, or too limited in terms of their functionality i.e.corner reflectors.

SonarBell® works with all types of sonar from highly sophisticated hull mounted sonar designed for mine-hunting and side-scan devices at one end of the scale to fish-finders and echo-sounders at the other.

It works equally well with AUV/UUV and hand-held sonar for work done at close ranges.

The response of the SonarBell® can be tuned to resonate at frequencies between 4kHz and 650kHz to deliver:

  • Single narrow band resonance
  • Multiple high strength resonance peaks
  • Broadband response

Available in a range of sizes from 200mm to 50mm, the effective range depends on the frequency used, the size selected and the power of the sonar.

In order to determine whether the SonarBell® technology can be of use to you we provide consultation through our SonarBell® Technical Evaluation Packages or Bespoke Design Service.