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Asset Marking & Identification Demonstration Case Study

Portland Harbour, Dorset, United Kingdom.

The aim of the trial was to demonstrate the capabilities and functionality of the SonarBell® in asset marking and identification. The trial took place in water between 10 and 16 metres in depth using an Edgetech side scan FS4200 side scan and a Tritech Starfish side scan sonar.

SonarBell® units were placed next to the wreck of The Countess of Erne, and a WWII Landing Craft just inside the harbour.

The image below shows that with the use of the Tritech Starfish sonar and despite the massive difference in size, the SonarBell® can be clearly seen at the side of ship.

SonarBell® units were placed next to a different wreck just outside the harbour wall in patterns of S,X and T on the sea bed and at two individual points.

The letters were identifiable on the sonar screen allowing the operators to recognise exact positions on the seabed.