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Intellectual Property and Trademarks

The SonarBell® originated within the Defence Science Technology Laboratories (Dstl) and represents many years of MoD funded research.

SALT Ltd has built on this work to develop the products now sold under the SonarBell® trade mark.

SALT Ltd is the exclusive licensee in respect of the original Dstl patents and patent applications and has subsequently added substantial additional proprietary technologies, also subject to patent applications, dedicated to sonar location and asset marking.

These patents, when taken with the original Dstl patents and applications, form part of a strategically robust intellectual property portfolio owned or controlled by SALT Ltd covering key markets around the world, including US, Europe, Russia, India, China and Japan.

It is SALT Ltd’s policy to ensure that its rights are enforced.

(SonarBell®, SALT® and the acoustic reflection logos are trademarks of SALT Ltd)