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Net Recovery

SonarBell® has the potential to assist fishermen in their day to day fishing activity by:

  • Providing information on the deployed net position
  • Assisting them recover the net if it is lost.

Recovery of lost nets is crucial if we are to have a viable fishing industry and protect the environment.

A recent Norwegian Fisheries Directorate report stated that 1,100 fishing nets and a considerable amount of other fishing equipment were recovered from the sea bed during the annual clean-up of fishing grounds between Ålesund and the North Cape.

Other equipment includes 54 king crab cages, 13,000 meters of trawler wire, 12,000 metres of rope, 40,000 metres of fishing line, 12,000 dead crabs (mainly king crabs) and 14 tonnes of diverse fish.

A video will shortly be available demonstrating the capability of the SonarBell® for Net Recovery.