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Oil and Gas Applications

Reducing risk and costs through the provision of clear location information at minimal cost.

SonarBell® provides clear and effective marking of fixed or mobile assets, with minimal CAPEX and OPEX hurdles to ownership because of its passive mode of operation.

Applications currently under consideration include:

  • Marking risers and flexible hot pipes for monitoring purposes.
  • Marking exposed pipelines and pipe crossings.
  • Tracking of ROVs and umbilicals.
  • Seabed collapse as part of reservoir monitoring.
  • Installation and decommissioning support.

In poor visibility SonarBell® offers a very simple way of marking assets allowing for reduced intervention times. It can also be used to delineate one part of an existing asset from another.

Be it asset positioning at the start of an operation, dealing with problems causing locked in production or the marking of shut out well heads for return at a later date, SonarBell® offers a straight forward, cost effective way of guiding operators to the relevant asset/location.