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Scientific & Environmental

Whilst SonarBell® is not the answer to every prayer of those concerned with man’s use and misuse of the sea, there are some sound environmental reasons why SonarBell® should be used where practicable to:

  • Reduce noise pollution of the ocean by using a passive sonar location device
  • Improve the recovery of equipment used to measure scientifically significant parameters of the marine environment
  • Reduce the problem of “ghost” fishing nets / lost crab pots by improving recovery rates
  • Prevent harm to marine mammals (like dolphins) from alternative energy generation projects

SonarBell® is now being specified as both a backup and replacement for transponders used to mark marine environment monitoring equipment. It is particularly valuable in instances where the time to recover the equipment might be uncertain due to other deployment commitments or weather problems.

If you have a marine environment project and would like to know if SonarBell® can help, then please contact us.