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SETS – SonarBell® Equipment Tracking System

Working in the underwater environment is technically and physically demanding. Thus equipment is typically expensive to buy and complex to maintain. Any loss can be financially significant in both capital and operational terms. There may also be safety or environmental implications if the equipment is not recovered.

Attaching the SonarBell® to any underwater asset delivers:

  • A simple passive tracking capability for in-service position monitoring.
  • An asset recovery route in the event of power or communication system failure.
  • An enabling technology for positioning assets relative to each other (e.g. for AUV/ROV docking).

In applications such as range management where remotely deployed sensors or exercise weapons are used the SonarBell® offers the user a simple way to recover this equipment at the end of the evolution.

SALT Ltd has packaged a series of components in a reusable protective case that includes either the 100mm or 50mm SonarBell® device and all the nets, floats, stanchions and clips that are required to enable easy attachment to any UUV or diver.

SonarBell® can be tailored for different size AUV/ROVs by the adjustment of parameters such as size, buoyancy, detection range and resonant frequency to match that of the sonar on the parent vessel.

Download: SonarBell Equipment Tracking System (SETS)