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Sonar Calibration

SonarBell as a Sonar Calibration and Performance Test Device


Sonar Performance Testing

By using SonarBell as a target the performance of a sonar can quickly be verified. SonarBell allows you to check your sonar detection range and detection coverage, thus helping you to ensure that your sonar – be it an echo sounder, imaging sonar, sidescan sonar, multi-beam or a diver detection system – is operational.  SonarBell is omni-drectional and therefore does not require directional orientation, is depth tested to 4100 m and can be configured to provide a very high and known TS, thereby allowing range and coverage verification over large areas.


Sonar Calibration

SonarBell provides two echoes, one echo emanating from the front of the shell, the so-called front echo, and one from the back, the so-called back echo. The target strength of both the front and the back echo differs, which means that one SonarBell effectively provides two different targets for sonar calibration, which are both encompassed in the same device. SonarBell is delivered with a traceable calibration that plots frequency and TS for both of these echoes. These known TSs can be used to look at receive and transmit systems at the same time and can check not only performance but also linearity. The checking of the sonar prior to important measurements allows the user to ensure that the data captured is useable and that the system is set-up correctly.

The ability to use SonarBell to check beam patterns and the transmit and receive sections of the sonar in one measurement is unique. This makes sonar performance measurements much easier to be carried out and also enables at-sea tests that can be more realistic than performance checks in test tanks or controlled measurement facilities.



There are several attachments suitable for using SonarBell as a sonar calibration or sonar performance test device.

Surface Float

The Surface Float allows you to suspend SonarBell from the sea surface. This ancillary option is suitable when SonarBell is used for performance checks of vessel mounted forward looking sonars.


SonarBell can be mounted on the Tripod and then deployed on the seabed. This ancillary is suitable when SonarBell is used for performance checks or calibration of ROV mounted sonars, vessel mounted echo sounders and multi-beams as well as downward-looking  SASs.


Various stanchions are offered if a different mounting options is preferred.


SonarBells recommended for Performance Testing and Calibration of different sonars (non-exhaustive list):



Edgetech 2205 (540 kHz centre frequency)                                                  SB200/119



881A (260kHz)                                                                                                     SB200/088



Super SeaKing (325/675kHz)                                                                           SB200/109

Micron  (675kHz)                                                                                                SB200/109

Sea Prince (675kHz)                                                                                           SB200/109


R2 Sonic  

Sonic 2026 (200kHz – 400kHz spectrum)                                                      SB200/062

Sonic 2024 (200kHz – 400kHz spectrum)                                                      SB200/062

Sonic 2022 (200kHz – 400kHz spectrum)                                                      SB200/062

Sonic 2020 (200kHz – 400kHz spectrum)                                                      SB200/062


Case Studies

Sonar Calibration and Sonar/Radar Alignment on Type 45 Destroyers