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SonarBell® Calibration

SonarBell®is a solid state device whose target echo strength is fixed by its physical parameters at a particular level for a particular sonar frequency.

This allows SonarBell® to provide a fixed, stable and continuous reference target strength for a variety of uses; for example whilst deployed in an ocean going environment to check the performance of a sonar; or in the manufacturer’s post production test facility to calibrate and assess build quality.

SonarBell® provides a clear indication of the performance and operational effectiveness of the sonar being used. In addition a number of SonarBell® units can be held in a frame to provide not only absolute target strength but also a geometric shape or target mimic.

SALT Ltd can for a fixed additional fee provide customers with calibrated sonar targets. These can be tested around a number of planes of symmetry to give polar plots which indicate absolute target strengths from the front and rear focusing surfaces.