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SonarBell® Case Studies

SonarBell® Case Studies

SALT Ltd. has now carried out a significant number of technical trials and demonstrations using a variety of sonars from the simple, low cost echo sounder to the most expensive and sophisticated of military mine-hunting devices.

The case studies presented here represent a small selection of projects undertaken in the last 2 years with video and/or still images provided in support.

The range of enquiries received is wide and it is not possible to cover all potential uses in this section. We are happy to provide evidence to potential customers which aligns with their specific application following an enquiry.


Bespoke Trials

If our current data bank of results does not provide the information necessary to support a purchasing decision, SALT Ltd. can provide SonarBell® Technical Evaluation Packages (STEPS) tailored to meet your requirements.

Public Demonstrations

SALT Ltd. and its partners around the world have the capability to demonstrate the SonarBell® in action. If you would like to know about the next publicly available product demonstration then please contact us or your local distributor.