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SonarBell® Technical Evaluation Package (STEPS)

The STEPS package is designed to help you get the most from SonarBell® either as a prospective user of the technology or as a design authority developing a solution on behalf of your client.

We recognise that clients may have very different technical requirements and budgets and to that end we have defined three different levels of initial engagement by SALT Ltd in the technology evaluation process.

They will provide a clear initial understanding of how the SonarBell® can contribute to solving your underwater location issues.

is designed to provide prospective clients / design authorities with a clear route to assessing the potential benefit of applying the SonarBell® to their requirement. The work will result in a clear proof of concept demonstration and a report detailing the next steps required.

STEP One includes:

  • Initial definition of client requirements.
  •  Workshop at the client’s location to define how the SonarBell® could be integrated into the clients working practices.
  •  Definition of the proof of concept for the demonstration.
  •  Delivery of a practical demonstration of the SonarBell® in action.
  •  Delivery of a ‘best practice solution’ recommendations paper citing the operational benefits of adopting the solution.
  •  Price will vary according to location requirements specified by the client but this is designed to be a low cost introduction to using SonarBell®.

is designed to use existing equipment to provide an in depth proof of concept demonstration, at the client’s convenience.

STEP Two includes:

  • A comprehensive two-way initial briefing opportunity / problem analysis resulting in a short paper to clarify study requirements.
  • Solution concept design by SALT Ltd followed by a review workshop.
  • Comprehensive proof of concept demonstration of 2 to 4 days at the client’s choice of facility, offshore if required.
  • Solution definition workshop to refine the solution with the client and to provide data for a subsequent report.
  • Detailed Report analysing the proposed solution and describing next steps required.

is designed to deliver a detailed capability demonstration of the customer’s application using appropriately designed SonarBell® and suitable ancillary equipment.

It may include the creation of modified SonarBell® units to deliver the capability the client requires and indeed may in itself result in new Intellectual Property.

STEP Three includes:

  • Detailed design and planning discussions.
  • Formal design report detailing design constraints and timescales for demonstrator including safety and environmental impact assessment.
  • SonarBell® integration plan.
  • 4 day capability demonstrator operation.

Final report containing :-

  • Firm priced proposal for planned SonarBell® deployment.
  • Definition of any resulting IP (Intellectual Property).
  • Ongoing technology partnership which may include training and technical support.