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SPATS – SonarBell® Performance And Training System

A swimmer detection system (SDS) is typically procured to deliver reliable warning of an underwater threat or to deter such a threat.

For an SDS to be an effective interception tool, it is necessary to know its actual underwater range at any point in time and consequently how much time is available to respond to any alert.

The SPATS kit is designed to enable SDS operators to determine the instantaneous performance of their sonar, in particular the effective range, which in turn determines the state of readiness required from the interception teams.

Holding interception teams at an appropriate state of readiness for the prevailing conditions prevents inducing unnecessary fatigue thereby increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Using SonarBell® as range markers delivers that information to operators on a ping by ping basis, providing ultimate confidence in the system’s real-time performance.

SPATS also enables training for operators to be conducted using only a small boat towing a SonarBell®, which represents a moving underwater target.

The SPATS set of parts is supplied in a reusable protective case containing SonarBell® units and all the necessary nets, floats, weights, clips and lanyards to enable simple deployment.

Download: SonarBell Performance and Training System (SPATS)