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SUMMS – SonarBell® Underwater Mine Marking System

When tasked with clearing an area suspected of containing sea mines or historical unexploded ordnance there is often significant time and resource pressure necessary successfully to complete the classification and marking of all targets of interest for subsequent identification or disposal.

The SonarBell® has the advantage over other solutions as it is lightweight, reliable. And has a low non-magnetic signature.

These differences can deliver a significant improvement to operational efficiency resulting in reduced time delay before the return of commercial shipping or other commercial exploitation.

SALT Ltd has integrated the SonarBell® into a mine marking solution (SUMMS) which includes the SonarBell® and all the weights, nets, floats and clips that are required to enable mine marking to be carried out with ease by a UUV or diver.

The SonarBell® works with all types of sonar and can be tuned during manufacture to optimise performance with the highly sophisticated mine hunting sonars used by today’s navies. This makes it an ideal device for marking mines or other objects for destruction by allowing location again of a marked target at greater range than would otherwise be possible.

The SonarBell® can also be tuned to respond at more than one frequency to deliver performance across short, medium and long range sonars.

Download: SonarBell Underwater Mine Marking System (SUMMS)